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Stealing! Passing! Shooting!

This is a fast-paced 2-player sports board game
that captures the thrill and excitement of soccer.
You, the Coach, can lead your team to victory
by using real soccer tactics and strategies
that will give your team more chances to score.

Lead your team to victory!





Order yours today and enjoy pure competitive soccer fun.

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SOCCER The Board Game™

best soccer board game


Players and the ball move by rolling the dice. The number rolled equals the amount of spaces you can move. You can move one or as many of your players as you want including the ball (if in your possession) by distributing the number rolled to your various pieces. You get a chance to score a goal every time you get the soccer ball into your opponent's goal area. A scoring chance is played by both coaches rolling the dice...

There are also rules for: Corner kicks, Faults, Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Offsides
Star Cards: Steal, Pass, Shoot
Referee Cards: Verbal Warnings, Yellow Cards, Red Cards


8 to adult

2 Players

*Great for 3 or more player tournaments
(Set of 4 additional teams sold separately)

To win the soccer match by scoring
more goals than your opponent in a timed
30 minute game (2 fifteen minute periods).

12 pawns, 2 dice, 1 soccer ball disc,
22 cards, 1 timer, 1 storage pouch,
1 English/Spanish rules booklet, 1 box/game board



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